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Entries by Maria Rodale from 09/2010

Recipe: Summer Gazpacho That Kids Will Love

| Posted 09.01.2010 | Huffington Post

How do I know kids will love this cold soup? The other day I made it as an experiment and served it for lunch.

It's Perennial Love!

| Posted 09.02.2010 | Green

Today tomato week continues with a very special treat...a short film that celebrates our passion for tomatoes by featuring passion and tomatoes. Peren...

New and Improved Tomato Sauce Recipe (from Scratch)

| Posted 09.03.2010 | Green

Last year I wrote about making my tomato sauce from scratch--as any good gardener married to an Italian needs to do. But the truth is I have improved ...

A Rite of Passage: AARP

| Posted 09.07.2010 | Healthy Living

I know that the AARP doesn't want to be known as the Association for the Advancement of Retired People anymore. But there is no question that getting a mailing from AARP means something very specific: I am getting old.

Organic Whole Wheat Pasta Taste Test Results!

| Posted 09.08.2010 | Huffington Post

One of the most important things I try to do here at Maria's Farm Country Kitchen is to make things like cooking--and organic living--simple and easy,...

Float of the Month: Apple Cider Float

| Posted 09.09.2010 | Huffington Post

Saturday, September 11th, is the second annual Apple Festival at the Rodale Institute. Consider this your official invitation. This year I am adding a new treat: Organic Apple Cider Floats!

Back-to-School Shopping for Organic Clothing: My Top 10 Places to Shop

| Posted 09.13.2010 | Healthy Living

I have to admit I no longer get that thrill when September comes along. To me, it just means more work (and lots of it), and the impending doom of win...

I Bet You Don't Know Jack about Dirt!

| Posted 09.14.2010 | Green

By guest blogger Annie Spiegelman, a.k.a. the Dirt Diva. Throughout history we've seen civilizations rise and fall based on how they treated their la...

Changing the World, One Organic Hotdog at a Time

| Posted 09.15.2010 | Healthy Living

This past weekend was the second annual Organic Apple Festival at the Rodale Institute farm in Maxatawny, Pennsylvania. The sun was shining, the air w...

A Visit to My Kitchen: Dr. David Kessler, Author of The End of Overeating

| Posted 09.16.2010 | Huffington Post

David A. Kessler, MD, served as Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

If Antibiotics Make Pigs Fat, Maybe They Make People Fat, Too

| Posted 09.17.2010 | Huffington Post

A recent article in The New York Times reported that finally, the government is starting to listen to concerns from the medical community (including t...

Ode to Open Windows

| Posted 09.20.2010 | Green

People are often surprised when they find out I don't have air-conditioning at home. But I couldn't bear to live without open windows. And it turns ou...

Don't Just Be Pretty: Have a Smart Beauty Routine

| Posted 09.21.2010 | Healthy Living

By guest Blogger Charmaine Leah, host of the video blog Glamology and founder of beauty eco-boutique Mint & Berry. Many of us don't give a second tho...

I'm Done With Nail Polish!

| Posted 09.22.2010 | Style

I haven't had my nails polished in probably a decade. Oh, I've had delightful non-polish mani-pedi's, but I've avoided the polish out of principle.

A Visit to My Kitchen: Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors

| Posted 09.23.2010 | Healthy Living

Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors is in my kitchen today, talking about why organics matter to him, as well as his favorite canned food to always keep...

A Harvest of Healing

| Posted 09.24.2010 | Healthy Living

Why do we do it--garden--when it makes us sweaty, sore, and often cranky? By the end of the harvest season, our faces are red from cooking tomatoes an...

The Art of Living in Balance, Part 1

| Posted 09.27.2010 | Healthy Living

People often ask me how I do it, how I do it "all." By day, I'm CEO of a media company. I'm on more boards than I can recite in one breath. I have thr...

Raising a Real Food Baby

| Posted 09.28.2010 | Healthy Living

By guest blogger Jeffery Lindenmuth, a full-time writer focusing on food and drink. People are always saying that our baby girl, Elke, resembles the ...

The Art of Living in Balance, Part 2

| Posted 09.29.2010 | Healthy Living
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Clearly, the art of living in balance is not a simple thing, or else it wouldn't take me two blog posts and 20 tips to share. It's kind of like a buff...

A Visit to My Kitchen: Frances Rivetti

| Posted 09.30.2010 | Healthy Living

Today, Frances Rivetti is in my kitchen, sharing her tasty English- and Italian-influenced favorite meals, and sharing thoughts on Greenland's evidenc...