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Entries by Maria Rodale from 11/2011

Where To Find Happiness

| Posted 11.01.2011 | Healthy Living

by guest blogger Dr. Elizabeth K. Nisbet, who studies the connection between nature, happiness, and the health of the planet I love fall. The crunc...


| Posted 11.02.2011 | Green

Due to 15 1/2 inches of snow (yes, records were broken), STILL no power (although the generator does power the coffeemaker--priorities, people!). This...

A Visit to My Kitchen: Eugenia Bone,
Food Writer and Journalist

| Posted 11.03.2011 | Healthy Living

by guest blogger Eugenia Bone, journalist, food writer, co-president of the New York Mycological Society, and author of the new book Mycophilia ...

Fall Color at its Finest

| Posted 11.04.2011 | Green

As most of you know by now, I'm a summer girl. So fall, while beautiful, just reminds me that winter is all that much closer. This year, in fact, win...

A Book Review:
At Home, by Bill Bryson

| Posted 11.07.2011 | Huffington Post

My daughter Maya got me this book for Christmas last year, and it took me a while to pick it up. But when I did I was so grateful. (Thank you, Maya!)....

Six Ways To Help
End Big Farm Handouts

| Posted 11.08.2011 | Green

by guest blogger Thomas M. Kostigen, expert on social responsibility and environmental issues. Want to eat more healthfully? Tell your representati...

Easy Organic Party Appetizers,
Part 1: Olive Tapenade

| Posted 11.09.2011 | Huffington Post

'Tis the season for holiday parties, family get-togethers, and all sorts of entertaining, whether for work or for pleasure. I've often been asked what...

Sassy Hot Apple Cider

| Posted 11.10.2011 | Huffington Post

by guest blogger Maya Rodale, writer of historical tales of true love and adventure My mother has shared her classic recipe for hot apple cider, ...

Easy Organic Party Appetizers,
Part 2: Cheese Toasts

| Posted 11.11.2011 | Huffington Post

One of my earliest memories is helping my mom prepare these for a cocktail party she was having, and getting to sample the first few until she yelled ...

Easy Organic Party Appetizers,
Part 3: Raw Fennel

| Posted 11.14.2011 | Huffington Post

Sometimes when you are serving a big heavy meal, say, at Thanksgiving or Christmas, you need an appetizer that will satisfy people's hunger without fi...

Why the Farm Bill Matters

| Posted 11.15.2011 | Green

by guest blogger Amy Blankstein of Just Food, a non-profit that turns "food deserts" (i.e., neighborhoods underserved by supermarkets and other food ...

The Power of Great Radio Stations

| Posted 11.16.2011 | Huffington Post

I remember the first radio station that saved my life. It was probably around 1975, and I distinctly remember hearing it on an old beat-up radio in th...

My Adventures In Mushroom Poisoning!

| Posted 11.17.2011 | Green

by guest blogger Maya Rodale, writer of historical tales of true love and adventure. I was poisoned. I don't think I was deliberately poisoned. The...

Crispy Roast Chicken and Gravy

| Posted 11.18.2011 | Huffington Post

The other night I was out to dinner with Mr. Braun, and he asked me what kind of foods I cooked for my family on a regular basis. I thought for a minu...

5 Things I've Told My Kids
5,000 Times

| Posted 11.21.2011 | Healthy Living

Forgive me if I've already written this blog before, but it occurred to me last weekend as I was telling my 5-year-old for the fifth time that day to ...

Why Choose Organic When It's Not Food?

| Posted 11.22.2011 | Green

by guest blogger Jeroen Koeman, of EcoTulips I grew up in Holland on a tulip farm. My father and six of his brothers are tulip farmers. They are from...

Thanksgiving Turkey:
Which Would You Rather?

| Posted 11.23.2011 | Green

So I was on my way to the mall the other day, and I pulled up to a stoplight and right next to me was this truck...filled with turkeys!  (The picture...

Got Dirt? Give Thanks

| Posted 11.24.2011 | Green

by Wendy Gordon, pioneer in the green consumer movement. Thanksgiving dinner is a rare American meal, and not just because it's an annual event cele...

As The World Burns

| Posted 11.28.2011 | Green

Well, the distraction technique was working for a while--all the political bickering and almost humorous "debating"--meanwhile, we are all in complete...

5 Ways To Boost Your Libido

| Posted 11.29.2011 | Healthy Living

by guest blogger Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH, Director of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center Here are a f...

Organic Piggies in a Blanket? Almost!

| Posted 11.30.2011 | Huffington Post

They are a little bit different than the simple taste of an all-beef mini dog -- perhaps a little more spicy and garlicky -- but they do the job and they do it well.