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Entries by Marilyn Mellowes from 10/2010

'God in America:' A Question of Religious Liberty (VIDEO)

| Posted 10.10.2010 | Religion

Night One of God in America explores how religion imprinted America with a distinctive Protestant stamp and how religious liberty proved noble in principle but messy in practice.

'God in America:' A House Divided Twice (VIDEO)

| Posted 10.11.2010 | Religion

Night Two of God In America explores a fracturing American religiousness. The Civil War drove the first wedge, as North and South turned to the Bible to find warrant for their opposing stands on the issue of slavery. No sooner had the nation begun to heal the wounds of war when Protestantism itself divided in response to modernity, splitting into liberal and conservative camps.

'God in America:' Faith and Politics

| Posted 10.12.2010 | Religion

Night Three of God in America explores the relationship of faith and politics through the lives of three men who dominated the political and religious landscape of the 20th century: Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jerry Falwell. Each of these men became preachers whose words swayed millions; each addressed the themes of salvation, prophecy and deliverance; each had a vision of what America was -- and what America ought to be.