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Entries by Mark Blumenthal from 02/2010

Health Care Reform: What Americans Believe and What Happens Next

| Posted 02.01.2010 | Politics

My column for this week looks at how Americans came to believe what they do about health care reform, with a focus on this puzzle: If American's follo...

An Exit Poll in Cook County

| Posted 02.02.2010 | Politics

Nothing draws the Google traffic on an election day like the words "exit poll," and the enterprising folks at the Chicago Current (a political newspap...

Acquiescence Bias: More on the Daily Kos Poll of Republicans

| Posted 02.03.2010 | Politics

I want to add a few thoughts to Emily's post earlier today on the DailyKos/Research 2000 poll of Republicans and how they might check for a skew in th...

Another Odd Strategic Vision LLC Epilogue

| Posted 02.04.2010 | Politics

Today we have yet another odd epilogue to story of Strategic Vision, LLC. Apparently not satisfied with their history of setting the low bar for basic...

Update: Cook County Exit Poll

| Posted 02.04.2010 | Politics

Another update, this one on the volunteer exit poll conducted this week in Cook County Illinois by the recently launched Chicago Current. Current edit...

Hard to Reach Younger Voters: Can Weighting 'Fix' the Problem?

| Posted 02.08.2010 | Politics

My column this week looks at the controversy over a series of surveys conducted by SurveyUSA for the liberal web site Firedloglake.  Please click...


| Posted 02.10.2010 | Politics

Last week, Andrew Sullivan wrote of his sense that people divide into two classes with respect to sleep and general exhaustion, "those with kids under...

Tea Party Polling

| Posted 02.16.2010 | Politics

My column for this week looks at the recent polling on the Tea Party movement with a focus on how pollsters pondered this issue and then tackled it in...

Un-Disclosing Data is Hard

| Posted 02.16.2010 | Politics

While I was out shoveling snow and trying to keep my snow-bound children entertained last week, Dartmouth undergraduate Harry Enten -- our

Re: Tea Party Polling

| Posted 02.17.2010 | Politics

Does the just released CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll overstate "active support" for the Tea Party movement? They report "roughly 11 percent of...

Stranger and Stranger

| Posted 02.19.2010 | Politics

The strange saga of Strategic Vision, LLC and the continuing promises of its CEO David Johnson to produce data or new surveys continues. The latest in...

Most Independents Aren't All That 'Independent'

| Posted 02.22.2010 | Politics

My column for this week takes up the cause of GWU Professor John Sides and looks at how the definition of "independent" used most often tends to exagg...

Is Rasmussen 'Flooding the Zone?'

| Posted 02.23.2010 | Politics

A regular reader wrote recently to ask if we could compare the polls we have entered at this point in the current electorate cycle (2009 to 2010) to t...

Pew Research Millennials Report

| Posted 02.24.2010 | Politics

I'm a little late in sharing this news, but the Pew Research Center is running a live webcast all day today of their Millennials conference, timed to ...

Health Summit Reality Check

| Posted 02.25.2010 | Politics

The point of this post is probably obvious, but given the tendency among political junkies to assume that other Americans follow politics the way we d...

Sorry, Bob, but Nate's Right

| Posted 02.25.2010 | Politics

Nate Silver begins his rebuttal to Robert Moran this morning by saying, "I don't like criticizing our good friends over at" Well, I don'...