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Entries by Mark Green from 05/2008

7 Days with Arianna: This Week's Political Scandals Don't Touch a "Clean" Obama

| Posted 05.11.2008 | Politics

This week three below-the-fold scandals threatened three politicians, but Barack Houdini easily escaped the chains of Rev. Wright. "The math" looks like it's too late for Clinton to stop him.

"Appeasement": Guilt-By-Analogy... When Guilt-By-Association Isn't Enough

| Posted 05.16.2008 | Politics

Whenever conservatives can't win an argument on the merits, they attack some real or perceived enemy as Hitler. And anyone who tries to resolve conflict short of more war is Chamberlain.

7 Days: Moyers and Democracy: He'd Rather Write Than Be President, w/ Huffington, vanden Heuvel & Green

| Posted 05.18.2008 | Politics

There was lots of hard news this week -- West Virginia, John Edwards, appeasement, McCain's 2013 Space Odyssey -- but it was Bill Moyers who uttered some hard truths on 7 Days.

7 Days in America: McCain's Weak Week, w/ Klobuchar, Huffington, Conason & Green

| Posted 05.27.2008 | Politics

If his five problems in five days are an indication, McCain is on track to end up with a smaller vote than the last Republican nominee from Arizona in 1964.