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Entries by Mark Morford from 09/2010

Burn A Bible, Save A Kitten

| Posted 09.08.2010 | Religion

Way out there on the wicked, broken fringes of society, those ugly and savage edges that always seem to be moving ever closer to the mainstream and a...

Damn You Muslims, Get Off My Lawn

| Posted 09.16.2010 | Religion

In the new American mindset, all Muslims are secret Al Qaeda sympathizers. All lovers of Allah want America to burn, Christians to suffer and innocent white children to be stoned to death for dancing in public while eating a Happy Meal.

Bridalplasty Meets the Tea Party Meets Extreme Porn, With Unfortunate Results

| Posted 09.22.2010 | Entertainment

Way over here on the distant end of the human continuum, where the devil and the apocalypse copulate in a bed of blood, pathos and perky TV ratings, we have a new reality show called, apparently, Bridalplasty.