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Entries by Mark Olmsted from 08/2010

Wingnuts in Space

| Posted 08.02.2010 | Politics

The only way to understand the frothing of the right and of the Tea Party is through a historical lens. There really is no arguing with them anymore than you could argue with a southerner in 1844.

"You Lie": Myths the Right Tells About the Left

| Posted 08.06.2010 | Politics

One of the most irksome aspects of the current political divide is the conservative caricature of progressive stances on economic thinking.

Paying Taxes: The Old Patriotism Meets the New Philanthropy

| Posted 08.11.2010 | Politics

Don't fight higher taxes, Rich People; pay them. Just tell yourself you're giving it away to a poor relation. After all, Uncle Sam is family.

An Open Letter to Dr. Laura

| Posted 08.24.2010 | Media

So you object to the double standard that African-Americans can use the n-word, but whites can't. Dr. Laura, get over it.