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Entries by Mark Steinberg from 02/2011

Mubarak Takes Flight

| Posted 02.03.2011 | Comedy

"Mr. President, it's time to leave for the airport." "Never happen. Not going to let him take a picture of my junk. As it is, that's all they're letting me take with me."

Netanyahu: "Democracy, Who Needs the Headache?"

| Posted 02.11.2011 | Comedy

"While the fall of the entire Egyptian government may look good to the people of Egypt at this moment, I believe they will soon realize that Mutually Assured Democracy in this region is not the answer."

The Appeal of the Repeal Amendment

| Posted 02.17.2011 | Comedy

There are several efforts under way to gut last year's landmark health care legislation. The best known of these is the lawsuit brought by the attorne...

Smash Unions? It Never Even Occurred to Me

| Posted 02.24.2011 | Comedy

The House of Representatives has just voted emergency funds for building a fence around the state of Ohio.

Gaddafi Goes to the Movies

| Posted 02.28.2011 | Comedy

Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi said today that he plans to fly to Dubai for a long weekend so he can catch up on films that he's banned in Tripoli. Speaking to himself, Gaddafi said: