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Entries by Mark Weisbrot from 06/2009

Vulture Funds Lobby Against Argentina, Trying To Use the U.S. Congress In Public Relations Campaign

| Posted 06.05.2009 | World

Eric Massa, a freshman Democratic Representative from Corning in the state of New York, has introduced legislation on May 20 that would seek to punish Argentina by, among other things, denying the country access to U.S. capital markets.

The Next big Taxpayer Bailout? IMF Could get Hundreds of Billions for European Banks

| Posted 06.09.2009 | Politics

The Obama administration wants $108 billion for the IMF. Why? Most of the Central and Eastern European economies are in free fall right now, and they're counting on the IMF to save their banks.

Washington Showdown Over IMF Money

| Posted 06.11.2009 | Politics

Obama and the House Democrats can't seem to muscle the votes they need to pass a $108 billion appropriation for the IMF. The stakes are high for both the administration, and the world.

American Voters Want Congressional Investigations: Will Democrats Seize the Opportunity for 2010?

| Posted 06.19.2009 | Politics

The 2010 elections will very likely be about who gets blamed for the current economic disaster. Even if the economy is recovering in the latter half of next year - and that is a big "if."

Was the Iranian Election Stolen? Does It Matter?

| Posted 06.29.2009 | World

If in fact the election was not stolen, and Washington (and Europe) pretend that it was, this can contribute to a worsening of relations.