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Entries by Marlo Thomas from 07/2012

The Givers: Alan Alda Plays With Fire! An Exclusive Interview

| Posted 07.10.2012 | Women

When most people think of Alan Alda, a smile of recognition comes to their faces because they recall the hundreds of memorable roles that he's played.

The "Veepstakes" -- Highlights and Lowlights of a Great American Tradition

| Posted 07.12.2012 | Women

Choosing a running mate is by turns highly secretive and very public, and it has produced some great future leaders of the country. It has also produced some truly memorable train wrecks.

It Ain't Over 'Til it's Over

| Posted 07.17.2012 | Women

I've always been inspired by people who, as I say, "Never face the facts." The facts -- the statistics -- can be daunting and keep anyone from starting anything. Better to create your own facts and forge ahead against all odds -- and at any age.

The Freesome Threesome

| Posted 07.19.2012 | Healthy Living

I don't let stress taunt me. In fact, I fight back whenever it rears its head. And I do this by relying on what I call my "Freesome Threesome" -- a liberating trio of surefire rituals that relieves the pressure, brings me a sense of equilibrium and recharges me for the next onslaught.

The Women of the Olympics: Then and Now

| Posted 07.24.2012 | Women

This Friday night, July 27, the eyes of the world will turn to London as the 2012 Olympic Games begin. And what makes it even more exciting this year is that the games haven't even begun, and Team USA has already scored a giant win for women.

Sally Ride: Reaching for the Stars

| Posted 07.25.2012 | Women

I once interviewed astronaut Sally Ride about her remarkable achievement in being the first American women to voyage into space. She was modest, of course, speaking about it as if anyone could climb on top of 30 stories of gleaming rocket, then ride 7 million pounds of thrust into the deep blue horizons above Earth.

Amazing Is Ageless!

| Posted 07.27.2012 | Women

I continue to be inspired by those who venture into the unknown, fight back against their fears, and don't spend an ounce of thought on how someone else might be judging them. Whether you know it or not, these heroes are all around us.