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Entries by Martin Varsavsky from 01/2007

Europost: As America's Discontent with Bush Grows, Europeans Sigh with Relief

| Posted 01.23.2007 | Politics
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While the bad news is that the attempt at transforming Iraq into a democracy has failed, the good news is there is a much better environment for trans-Atlantic relations.

Should I Stay or Should I Go: USA in Iraq

| Posted 01.26.2007 | Politics
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If theocracies like Iran can have leaders like Ahmadinejad run democratic-type campaigns why is it that America itself cannot inject more elements of democracy rule into Iraq?

Do You Have to be American to Want to do Good?

| Posted 01.30.2007 | Huffington Post

Americans seem to have a unique "cultural instinct" to do good. And because Americans are by nature risk-takers, when trying to improve conditions around the world Americans tend to take risky approaches.