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Entries by Marty Kaplan from 10/2007

Ask Dana Perino

| Posted 10.07.2007 | Politics

Q: Dana, does President Bush agree with Rush Limbaugh that troops who don't support his Iraq policy are phony soldiers? A: Everyone in America is entitled to our opinion.

George & Andrea & Fred & Vomit

| Posted 10.09.2007 | Politics

Thompson, who left the Senate to become a high-paid Washington lobbyist for any client whose money was green enough has now become the Republican who will change how Washington works?

The Pet Constitution

| Posted 10.14.2007 | Politics

Last week, Lynne Cheney told Jon Stewart, "I'm writing a children's book about the Constitution." Here's an excerpt...

Soros or Murdoch

| Posted 10.21.2007 | Media

Soros is backing a new effort to unmask political propaganda, and Rupert Murdoch's minions can be counted on to denounce it in an orgy of hilariously self-incriminating projection.

No Blood for No Oil

| Posted 10.28.2007 | Politics

None of the mainstream press coverage of record-high crude oil prices that I saw last week turned $92.22-a-barrel into a teachable moment. Instead of exhuming archival footage of gas station lines from the '70s, producers might have re-aired the more recent tape of former Harken Energy director George W. Bush strolling hand-in-hand through the Crawford bluebonnets with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.

Rudy's Prostate Palooza!

| Posted 10.31.2007 | Politics

Here's how close the Times dares to come to saying that Rudy's wrong: "Giuliani's Oft-Cited Prostate Cancer Statistic Is in Dispute." You know, like Existence of Holocaust [Evolution, Elvis] Is in Dispute.