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Entries by Marty Kaplan from 05/2012

Don't Know Much About History

| Posted 05.05.2012 | Politics

If more people were paying even a modicum of attention to the past, the economic debate in the 2012 presidential campaign wouldn't be between one political party beholden to big money that dreamily depicts investment bankers and oligarchs as jobs creators, and another political party, also beholden to big money, that wants applause for fixing the problem. If more people remembered which policies worked and which failed during the Depression then the jobs debate in this election wouldn't be about austerity and deficits, it would be about stimulating short-term demand and making long-term investments in education, research and infrastructure.

The Audacity of WTF

| Posted 05.21.2012 | Politics

We may be on the way to the triumph of money, power and fundamentalism -- a development that should seem shocking, yet instead has become the new normal. We have outrage fatigue. Fury has slid into a persistent low-grade fever, a "what fresh hell is this?" jadedness.