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Entries by Max Keiser from 07/2009

There is No Such Thing as a 'Naked Credit Default Swap'

| Posted 07.24.2009 | Business

There is no such thing as a 'naked credit default swap.' Buying and selling avatars on Second Life using virtual money has more economic legitimacy.

Should Goldman Sachs be Prosecuted for Human Rights Abuses? (VIDEO)

| Posted 07.25.2009 | Business

The law will eventually catch up with Goldman Sachs, but only if the prosecution venue is moved outside of the U.S.

The Shadow Banking Pyramid

| Posted 07.28.2009 | Business

America's debts are bigger than the GDP of the world, so unless the world decides to gift America 100% of its profits for a year or more the U.S. can forget about digging its way out of the debt tomb.