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Entries by Michael Keegan from 01/2011

A Gay Tempest in the Tea Party Cup

| Posted 01.03.2011 | Politics

The GOP's coalition relies on the support of those who prioritize suspicion, fear, and the politics of exclusion. The fight over CPAC's guest list shows just how unstable that sort of coalition can be.

Smithsonian: Just Put the Art Back

| Posted 01.07.2011 | Arts

Everyone makes mistakes under pressure. But the Smithsonian's leaders have the rare opportunity to correct the damage done by their error of removing David Wojnarowicz's A Fire in My Belly exhibit.

Denouncing Violent Rhetoric, the Sheriff Gets it Right

| Posted 01.10.2011 | Politics

Nobody but Loughner can be blamed for Saturday's violence. But that does not absolve any of us from the duty to consider the impact of our words and to approach political discourse with honesty and responsibility.

Scalia Teaches First of Bachmann's Constitutional Mythology Workshops

| Posted 01.25.2011 | Politics

Scalia is not just getting mixed up in a political movement. He's getting mixed up in a political movement that centers on a skewed interpretation of the Constitution and a dangerously simple view of American history.

For the Smithsonian's Sake, Clough Should Step Down

| Posted 01.28.2011 | Arts

In making the decision to remove a controversial work of art from one of the Smithsonian's museums, Clough has shown that he cannot adequately uphold the mission and the legacy of this American institution.