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Entries by Michael Carmichael from 09/2010

Massive Protests Against the Pope in London: Are They Justified?

| Posted 09.20.2010 | Religion

An omnipresent and darkening cloud hovers over the besieged papacy of Benedict XVI, just as it did over the troubling career of Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.

A Defeatist Meme Threatens the Democratic Majority in Congress

| Posted 09.22.2010 | Politics

The defeatist meme has disproportionately expanded for an election that is still six weeks away. But it's never over until it's over, and all this talk is nonsense, even when muttered by the mighty.

Insurgent Ed Miliband Ends the New Labour Era

| Posted 09.28.2010 | World

The election of 40-year-old Ed Miliband to lead the UK's Labour Party proves the existence of a vibrant progressive movement in Britain that mirrors Barack Obama's victory over Hillary Clinton in 2008.