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Entries by Michael DeJong from 01/2009


| Posted 01.06.2009 | Style

For me, on a cosmic level, the King's kitschy, tacky jumpsuits stand as a metaphor for the glitz and bling of today's hyper-consumerism

From Nightmares to Dreams Come True

| Posted 01.13.2009 | Healthy Living

Long gone is the unique American social phenomenon that each new generation will "do better" than the last. Things are starting to feel more like "The Grapes of Wrath" than "The Great Gatsby."

Martin Luther King, Jr.- Cleansing the Fabric of Our Nation

| Posted 01.19.2009 | Politics

Today more than ever, Dr. King now seems with us. His premonition of not reaching the Promised Land at this moment seems false, because Barack Obama is standing on King's shoulders.

In With the New

| Posted 01.21.2009 | Politics

Presidents come in various shapes and sizes, ages, disciplines and principles. But what many of them seem to have in common is their unwavering obsession with cleanliness...literally or figuratively.

I Do Solemnly Swear...

| Posted 01.28.2009 | Politics

We finally have a President who is willing to use his words -- momentarily botched or not -- and his immeasurable oratory gifts to reassure the Doubting Thomas (or Roberts) in us all.