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Entries by Michael Giltz from 05/2009

Theater: West Side Story's Matt Cavenaugh Breaks Out

| Posted 05.01.2009 | Entertainment

Broadway stars get to go out onstage night after night and feel the wave of excitement from fans. For actor Matt Cavenaugh, who stars as Tony in West Side Story, it's a moment he fully appreciates.

American Idol -- Top 4 Slashed By Rock; Only Adam Escapes Unscathed

| Posted 05.06.2009 | Entertainment

After everyone delivered a solid performance on Big Band Night last week, the Top 4 tackled rock 'n roll Tuesday...and came up short.

Cannes 2009 Preview: Things Are Looking "Up?"

| Posted 05.12.2009 | Entertainment

While starlets may be in short supply, the number of promising films from major talent is exceptionally strong. On paper, this looks like the most tantalizing fest in years.

American Idol -- Top 3 Showdown

| Posted 05.13.2009 | Entertainment

So is this the finale? Is Simon right when he says Adam Lambert is fated to win? Or could Kris Allen or Danny Gokey surprise everyone the way David Cook did last year?

Cannes 2009 Day One: "Up" Review

| Posted 05.13.2009 | Entertainment

Cannes kicked off with a gentle, sweet even sublime film: Pixar's Up.

Cannes 2009: "Emmanuelle" in 3-D!

| Posted 05.13.2009 | Entertainment

As if having Pixar's first 3-D film Up open the festival wasn't enough, now comes news that the erotic classic Emmanuelle is being every ...

Cannes 2009 Day Two: Precious, Vampires, Genocide and Despair!

| Posted 05.14.2009 | Entertainment

Some people come to Cannes and do nothing but go to parties. Some people come to Cannes and never see the sun. That's me. So here are my first reactions to the four movies I saw today.

Cannes Exclusive Video: Mariah Carey Fools Photogs!

| Posted 05.15.2009 | Entertainment

Mariah Carey made the paparazzi look foolish today at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes 2009 Day Three: A Romantic Poet, A Troubled Cop and a Closeted Jew at Woodstock

| Posted 05.15.2009 | Entertainment

A very confusing, wet and rainy day at Cannes. Here are my initial impressions of three more films that screened today.

Cannes 2009 Day Four: Finally, A Great Film!

| Posted 05.16.2009 | Entertainment

Sometimes at Cannes, it can take days and days to see even a halfway decent film. Not so this year.

Cannes 2009 Day Five: Lars Von Trier Is (Unshockingly) Shocking!

| Posted 05.17.2009 | Entertainment

A few hardy souls clapped after Anti-Christ (and a small band of sympathizers stayed through the credits to clap loudly again) but most booed lustily.

Cannes 2009 Day Six Reviews: Football, Fascism, Death and Porn

| Posted 05.19.2009 | Entertainment

It remains a quiet fest in the market and late at night but definitely exciting and vibrant when it comes to the new films screening in and out of Competition.

Cannes 2009: Liberty, Egalite, But No Electricty!

| Posted 05.19.2009 | Entertainment

French workers are striking one of the nation's power suppliers and power is being cut throughout Cannes grid by grid.

Cannes 2009 Day Seven: More Almodovar Is Less

| Posted 05.19.2009 | Entertainment

One hour into this film, I defy anyone to describe it accurately and know where it's headed.

American Idol -- The Finals: Adam Will Win It All

| Posted 05.19.2009 | Entertainment

Well, Kris Allen gets to join Clay Aiken and David Archuleta as Idol contestants who never were put into the bottom two but failed to win it all.

Cannes 2009 Day Eight: Jews Fighting Back, Jews In Love, Singing Nuns and Dour Germans

| Posted 05.20.2009 | Entertainment

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds is a revenge fantasy where a band of Jews head into occupied France and kick some ass in the most violent, frightening way possible.

American Idol? Try Christian Idol

| Posted 05.20.2009 | Entertainment

The next time there's an Idol final, I'm not gonna listen to their singing, I'm gonna look into their soul. Maybe, just maybe the one that appeals to the heartland more has the better shot.

Cannes 2009 Exclusive: My Neigbor, My Killer Director Anne Aghion On Rwanda (Video)

| Posted 05.21.2009 | Entertainment

Coming to Cannes is usually a no-brainer. But for film-maker Anne Aghion, accepting an invitation to bring her documentary My Neighbor, My Killer was a genuine risk.

Cannes 2009 Day Nine: Parents, Palestinians and Panic

| Posted 05.22.2009 | Entertainment

The critical consensus is as strong as I've ever seen at Cannes: the best film of the Festival is Une Prophete. Mind you, that doesn't mean the jury will pick it.

Cannes 2009 Day Ten: One Bad Movie After Another

| Posted 05.22.2009 | Entertainment

To Die Like A Man: The latest in a long line of tragic transvestites movies, this somber flick has a plot worthy of Almodovar.

Cannes 2009 Day Eleven: Two Minor Films and One Major Talent

| Posted 05.23.2009 | Entertainment

You would think after coming to Cannes for a decade that I would have the place down cold. No such luck. Thanks to ever-changing rules and an odd refu...

Cannes 2009 Day Twelve: Haneke Triumphs With Top Prize

| Posted 05.24.2009 | Entertainment

The Oscars have nothing on Cannes for brevity and wit and fun.

Cannes 2009 Wrapup: Quick Movie Rundown and Sights & Sounds Of The Fest

| Posted 05.24.2009 | Entertainment

Since I can't sneak you into screenings of the films in competition, this is as close as you can get at the moment. Enjoy, thanks for reading and au revoir!

Cannes 2009: Chat With Award-Winning Director Xavier Dolan (Video)

| Posted 05.24.2009 | Entertainment

One of the big discoveries of the festival was Xavier Dolan, the 20 year old writer, director and star of I Killed My Mother. The film won three major...