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Entries by Michael N. Smith from 11/2010

Sports Are Fun, Testing Not So Much.

| Posted 11.05.2010 | Education

People will always be more passionate about their kids (or neighbors) playing a game than they will about test scores. It's just more fun.

Phone Books: Really?

| Posted 11.08.2010 | Healthy Living

Someone, somewhere, thinks I hate trees. (For the record, trees and I have an unblemished record of over 40 years of living side by side in almost per...

We Get It. College is Great. But so is Welding.

| Posted 11.11.2010 | Education

Our purpose as K-12 educators should be to get students on THEIR paths to success. It's not to judge them when they take a different one that doesn't involve a four-year college degree.

When Did Average Become Below Average?

| Posted 11.16.2010 | Education

Wouldn't C's be great if the student was 100 times smarter at the end of school year? As opposed to receiving all A's and B's and only being 10 times smarter?

Waiting for Superman. Still Waiting.

| Posted 11.18.2010 | Education

Unfortunately, I don't think a movie about what most of us already suspect will change any of this. But what do I know?

Twitter is Changing Education. But Not School Desks

| Posted 11.19.2010 | Education

There are all kinds of discussions (tweets) on technology, tenure, class size, evaluations, and school funding but not enough on the more important issues. Like school desks.

Conference Speakers: I Can Read. Now Make Me Laugh.

| Posted 11.24.2010 | Education

The best conference speakers aren't the ones with a ground-breaking message. The ones you remember are funny.

Educators (and Everyone) Should Give Thanks

| Posted 11.26.2010 | Education

The world is in good hands and whether you are in education or not, you should be thankful for them.