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Entries by Michael Russnow from 04/2008

Keeping Up With the Joneses in a Career: The Worst "Ism" Isn't What You Think

| Posted 04.03.2008 | Entertainment

Perceptionism can happen to anyone, not only in the entertainment industry. We have seen careers in politics and business that appeared meteoric, only to have a misstep or loss shoot them down.

Deborah Kerr Rhymes With Star, and What a Star She Was: She Deserves to Be Remembered, Too

| Posted 04.07.2008 | Entertainment

Though Kerr was 86 and had been out of the public eye for a number of years, her film and stage career, spanning four and a half decades, had secured her legendary status in motion picture history.

Religion in Politics: Does Anyone Really Believe Obama, Clinton and McCain Are Particularly Devout?

| Posted 04.16.2008 | Politics

The candidates' pronouncements seem designed to appeal to a mass audience of believers rather than actually provide an indicative revelation of the devout convictions they presume to uphold.

Political Correctness on TV Sometimes Goes Too Far: Is it Really Better to Be Deaf?

| Posted 04.17.2008 | Entertainment

Because deafness is not as limiting as other types of disabilities, there appears to be a backlash against those who are able to benefit from scientific advances.

Movie Theatre Etiquette: Why Can't We Get Tougher on People Who Use Cell Phones?

| Posted 04.23.2008 | Entertainment

Is there some method to prevent cell phone entry to a movie hall or to impose such a heavy penalty if caught that audience members will think twice before committing such a thoughtless act?

Tipping Ought to be Abolished: Let's Just Pay People More Like the Europeans Do

| Posted 04.30.2008 | Business

I'm well aware that many people in service industries work for low hourly rates and thus need tips to earn a decent wage. The question is, why the hell have we evolved into a tip-earning economy?