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Entries by Michael Russnow from 12/2008

Revolutionary Road's Not So Revolutionary: But Thanks to Leo and Kate, It's Worth the Watch

| Posted 12.04.2008 | Entertainment

Revolutionary Road plods ever forward to the final fade out, but it still encompasses some wonderful moments and makes us look forward to the next pairing of Leo and Kate.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Unusual, Sometimes Preposterous and That's What Makes it so Effective

| Posted 12.10.2008 | Entertainment

What unfolds is episodic and at times a bit long, but a good deal of the sequences are quite original, some very funny, most important extremely intriguing, much of which holds our attention.

Defiance is Not Just Another Holocaust Movie: Jews Can Be Tough Guys, Too

| Posted 12.11.2008 | Entertainment

It is extraordinarily moving in ways that surprise us and reassure us even as some of our favorites are slain and we wonder whether everything they're doing is all for naught.

The Reader is a Surprising Film: Nazis Can Be Sympathetic, Though Not Forgiven

| Posted 12.17.2008 | Entertainment

On the whole David Hare has written a fascinating and engrossing script, and Director Stephen Daldry has given us a taut and emotional filmmaking achievement.

State Controller's Office Says Your Money is Waiting: So Why Don't You Just Get it?

| Posted 12.20.2008 | Business

I'm always amazed that so many people bitch about not earning enough money to make ends meet when many of these same folks disregard money that is just sitting and waiting for them to collect.

Seven Pounds Is a Damned Good Film: The Critics Are Wrong, So What Else Is New?

| Posted 12.21.2008 | Entertainment

Seven Pounds has gotten an unfair and raw deal from a lot of critics, with some exceptions. However, this writer advises that you may very well be more than satisfied.

Bernard Madoff Didn't Just Hurt Jews: He Was an Equal Opportunity Swindler

| Posted 12.25.2008 | Business

Why should Jews be any more surprised that one of their own is less than honorable? Are we not subject to the same failings of other humans?