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Entries by Michael Russnow from 06/2009

Racial Advancement on TV: Is the Progress Depicted Well-Intentioned Fantasy?

| Posted 06.08.2009 | Media

I've been noticing over the past several years a tendency for the Media to depict racial togetherness in a manner that doesn't come close to representing reality.

Palin Accuses Letterman of Seeking PR: Then Hypocritically Skews What He Meant All Over the Media

| Posted 06.13.2009 | Media

Sarah Palin is outraged about nothing, but is so intent not to be forgotten that she stoops to the lowest levels. It's time for the Media to act responsibly and help her fade away.

David Letterman Apology Redux: Shame on Dave for Buckling Under to Palin's Lies

| Posted 06.16.2009 | Media

Will Letterman now start to censor himself with his writers and, worse, when he interacts with his guests? All it takes is another person to mislead the media and public as Palin has shamelessly done.

AIG Proposed Reverse Stock Split: Shareholders Should Vote This Down as a No-Brainer

| Posted 06.27.2009 | Business

This 1:20 split smells, to me, a bit too rancid for the ordinary shareholders, not to mention the U.S. public who are hoping to recover their investment.

AIG Plummets: Didn't the Reverse Stock Split Cause it?

| Posted 06.30.2009 | Business

Folks, AIG hadn't won the lottery in March, April and May and the news forthcoming about its actual worth hasn't been alarming the last week or so.