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Entries by Michael Russnow from 05/2010

Traveling in Morocco can Be Intriguing; Beggars Are Another Thing

| Posted 05.04.2010 | World

After nine days in Morocco, it's been interesting seeing a different part of the world, especially after three weeks meeting with producers in familia...

The Lost Finale: When a Cop-Out Isn't Better Than a Dream

| Posted 05.24.2010 | Entertainment

Having watched Lost faithfully throughout its run and marveled at the twists and turns, however odd and fanciful, I couldn't help a sense of revulsion at the easy way out the writers took in the show's finale.

Glee's Message of Tolerance is Laudable: But it Works Both Ways

| Posted 05.31.2010 | Entertainment

Now back from my 5-week trip mostly abroad, I've been catching up and just watched "Theatricality," the latest episode of Glee on Fox. I'm a huge fan...