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Entries by Michael Shapiro from 02/2009

Baseball's Pattern of Denial

| Posted 02.09.2009 | Entertainment

The case of Alex Rodriguez cuts to the heart of what has ailed baseball for much of its history: an inability to see beyond the moment.

Drip, Drip, Drip: Baseball and Steroids, Redux

| Posted 02.10.2009 | Entertainment

What to do with A-Rod, and perhaps Tejada, and the other 103 names that appeared on the list that ensnared Rodriguez and which was somehow never destroyed?

A-Rod: Ah, Youth

| Posted 02.17.2009 | Entertainment

A-Rod told the world a great deal about himself today, and the view is not flattering. By portraying himself as a reformed man-child he showed himself incapable of assuming responsibility.

Shea Stadium, RIP

| Posted 02.19.2009 | Entertainment

We come to the ballpark to be together, not because we are friends, but because there is something wonderfully American about the easy camaraderie of the fleeting ballpark friendship.

Heads in the Sand (And Why Baseball Survives)

| Posted 02.24.2009 | Entertainment

So long as the home crowd pays to see Alex Rodriguez, baseball can delude itself into believing that all is good in the world.