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Entries by Michael Shaw from 10/2005

Reading The Pictures: All We (Need To) Know About Harriet Miers

| Posted 10.03.2005 | Politics
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So, What Do We Know About Harriet? (click image) For more of the visual, visit (image unattributed. Crawford, Texas, Friday,...

Reading the Pictures: Bush's Halo

| Posted 10.04.2005 | Huffington Post

tibor2small.jpg The visual coverage of Bush has become decidedly less flattering, with more emphasis on awkwardness and self-promotion.

Reading The Pictures: Door Stop

| Posted 10.07.2005 | Huffington Post

Certainly, you've heard about speed dating, and how people form fixed impressions of others within a matter of seconds. Malcolm Gladwell ...

BAGnews Cartoon: Iraqi First Aid

| Posted 10.08.2005 | Politics
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If this issue seems dated, it's because the Bush strategy in Iraq has become so familiar -- and redundant. The next time the patient checks in, h...

Reading The Pictures: Atten-TION!

| Posted 10.09.2005 | Entertainment
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bushrummycopterssmall.jpg American militarism is losing all proportion.

Reading The Pictures: A Little Cross About Bush

| Posted 10.10.2005 | Politics
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buchanancross1small.jpg Obviously, Bush is in serious hot water with those who are best at delivering the wood.

Reading The Pictures: Who Ya Gonna Call, Adbusters?

| Posted 10.13.2005 | Politics
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Even if Bush is primarily a PR creation, the fact is, he's largely been a popular brand. The media could quickly allow Bush to get back on his feet.

Reading The (Breaking News) Pictures: Bush Stages "Spontaneous" Teleconference With Iraqi Troops

| Posted 10.13.2005 | Politics
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This is today's photo of the President's video teleconference with U.S. troops in Iraq that BushCo. intended us to see: And this is what happened ...

Reading The Pictures: FOX Trackers

| Posted 10.16.2005 | Huffington Post

If this picture was worth the full thousand words, what would it say about the Homeland Security Agency? A crucial part of the the department is th...

Reading The Iraq Pictures: Big Foot, No Footprint

| Posted 10.17.2005 | Politics
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tikritbootssmall.jpg The American media may be completely oblivious to its own country's military maneuvers and methods, but the photographs can hardly contain themselves with the size of the clues.

Reading The Pictures: Miller Time

| Posted 10.18.2005 | Entertainment
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miller2asmall.jpg This photo suggests to me how much Miller values her own interests as compared to those of the paper.

Reading The Pictures: "Encouraging Images Out Of Iraq This Weekend"

| Posted 10.21.2005 | Huffington Post

Did you know that Bill Frist was a blogger? Yes, he blogs for something called VOLPAC (Volunteer Political Action Committee) which is a propag...

Reading The Pictures: We've Looked At Rice From Both Sides Now. (...We Really Don't Know Rice At All.)

| Posted 10.25.2005 | Politics
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snarling-condismall.jpg Looking at this recent photo at YahooNews, the obvious question it raises is: how characteristic is it?

Reading The (Late October) Pictures: The Return Of Pumpkin Head

| Posted 10.30.2005 | Politics
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Did you see this newswire shot on Friday turning the White House into a shrunken haunted castle? With all the trouble that Bush has gotten himself...

Reading the Pictures: Alito At First Glance

| Posted 10.31.2005 | Politics
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suspicious-Alito-hp-small.jpg The quick pick, the swing right, the choice of a man, and the first-thing-Monday-morning strike all suggested that Rove is back (and that Card, and Laura, can just step back now).