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Entries by Michael Shaw from 06/2007

Reading The Pictures: Memo To GI Joe Lieberman

| Posted 06.02.2007 | Politics
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If you were attempting to demonstrate at least a modicum of safety has returned to Baghdad, are you telling me it was too dangerous to slip those helmets for a second, even for a photo-op?

Reading The Pictures: Have We Just Seen The Last Combat Injury In Iraq?

| Posted 06.06.2007 | Media
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kamber_wounded_fp.jpg This could well become the last visual evidence of U.S. casualties in Iraq. In a message to colleagues, the photographer shared his thoughts about the new restrictions on photographing American wounded.

Reading The Pictures: Losing Our Anchor In Permanent War

| Posted 06.13.2007 | Media
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anchorpermanentwarfp.jpg Seven years into Bush's paranoid global war, war imagery and war implements have bled over and merged with the symbols and scenes of urban violence and gangster warfare in one large desensitized brew.

Reading The Pictures: Crippling John Edwards

| Posted 06.15.2007 | Media
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edwardsntytmagfp.jpgThe media has effectively "taken Edwards apart" in two pictures. Phase two crystallized this past weekend with the publication of the NYT Magazine.

Reading The Pictures: Between Bush's TuTu and Tu Tu's Bush

| Posted 06.22.2007 | Media
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shaw_bono_tutu_fp.jpgDid you know that the issue never discloses that the photos are composites?

Reading The Pictures: Leeching Chris Matthews

| Posted 06.27.2007 | Media
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Matthews-ACfp.jpgLeaving aside why hyper-Chris would stoop to give troubled Ann a platform in the first place, I was interested in what happened in yesterday's so-called interview immediately after Elizabeth Edwards called in.