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Entries by Michael Shaw from 08/2008

Reading The Pictures: "Dollar Bill McCain"

| Posted 08.01.2008 | Media

2008-08-01-shaw_mccain_dollar.jpg McCain actually DID put obama's face on a dollar bill -- over a month ago in a little-seen web video.

Reading The Pictures: The McCain Buffalo Chip (Un-)Cover-Up

| Posted 08.05.2008 | Media

2008-08-06-shaw.jpgOnly the wildly hypocritical McCain could have escaped any blowback from the debauchery and female exploitation in Sturgis. And, as an act of collusion, the visual media totally blinked.

Reading The Pictures: Latest Cover For Iraq's Core Meltdown

| Posted 08.08.2008 | Media

2008-08-08-nyt_shaw_iraq.jpgRemarkable, isn't it, how this cover -- illustrating Sunday's NYT Mag lead story on Iraq -- manages to reduce what is otherwise Russian Roulette with a Rubik's Cube to a one-liner?

Reading The Olympic Pictures: Slam Dunk On The Earthquake

| Posted 08.09.2008 | Media

2008-08-09-shaw.jpg This incredible shot illustrates how the Chinese government has been using money and pressure to buy the silence of parents who suffered the loss of their children in the earthquake.

Reading The Pictures: Bush Has Georgia's Back

| Posted 08.12.2008 | Media

2008-08-12-shaw_bush_georgia.jpgThinking about the hostilities in Georgia, it's instructive to return to the NATO Summit in Bucharest in April.

Reading The Pictures: Swiftboating A Facial Expression

| Posted 08.14.2008 | Media

2008-08-15-corsi_cover_shaw.jpgWhat makes a meme effective -- be it verbal, visual or the combination -- is repetition.

Reading The Pictures: Obama The Antichrist (Channelled By CNN)

| Posted 08.18.2008 | Media

2008-08-18-cnnshawantichrist.jpgIt wasn't just that the piece kept replaying pieces of Team McCain's cheap and bizarre "The One" attack ad. It wasn't only the mainstream boost to the fringe fundamentalist paranoia surrounding the ad.

Reading The Pictures: Looking Into McCain's And Obama's Soles

| Posted 08.19.2008 | Media

2008-08-19-mccain_plane_ferragamo.jpgJust like Cheney wearing those beat up loafers on a diplomatic trip to the Middle East, the focus here is not fashion -- it's character.

Reading The Pictures: The Definitive Answer To: "How Many Houses Did John Own?"

| Posted 08.22.2008 | Media

2008-08-22-mccain_powe_shaw.jpgQuestions about where McCain lives, exactly, and how strong his emotional tie remains to his five-and-a-half year Hanoi "residence" really aren't that far-fetched.

Reading The Pictures: He's Got Obama's Back

| Posted 08.23.2008 | Politics

2008-08-23-shaw_biden_afgh.jpg Biden is one of the few liberals that could pull off a scene like this. Too bad American politics -- especially under GOP rules -- is so much about manhood, but that's how it's played.

Reading The Pictures: McCain Playing Hillary Card/Crashing Party At DNC?

| Posted 08.25.2008 | Media

2008-08-25-shaw_mccainhillary.jpg The latest McCain video looks to specifically heighten tension between Hillary supporters and the Obama campaign at the DNC.

Reading The Pictures: Denver Not Quite A Riot

| Posted 08.26.2008 | Media

2008-08-26-shaw_chin_security.jpgThe most disjointed element of Monday's visual convention coverage involved the media exploiting the security angle.

Reading The Pictures: Our Man On The Floor: The Michelle (And Biden) Buzz

| Posted 08.26.2008 | Media

2008-08-26-bidenmic.jpg The message we get from "Our Man On The Floor," is that there is a wonderful buzz building around both Michelle Obama and Joe Biden.

Reading The Pictures: On Verge Of Nomination Speech, Obama The Menace

| Posted 08.27.2008 | Media

2008-08-27-shaw_time_obama.jpgI'm concerned as to how the traditional media will frame Barack Obama. If the cover of TIME's convention preview is any indication, we're in trouble.

Reading The Pictures: That Old Bill Clinton

| Posted 08.28.2008 | Politics

2008-08-28-clinton_shaw_chin.jpg In this frame, we see a side of Clinton that has been painfully absent (and almost forgotten) since Lewinsky -- that gregariousness and playfulness.

Reading The Pictures: The Obama Connection

| Posted 08.29.2008 | Media

2008-08-29-shaw_obama_acceptance.jpg The difference between Obama and Clinton (either one) is that the Clintons are like LBJ, and Obama is like JFK, or RFK, or even Reagan. His overriding strength is that he communicates directly to the individual.

Reading The Pictures: America's Veep Hottie

| Posted 08.30.2008 | Media

Props to Schmidt/Rove, convincing the youth and charisma-challenged McCain to go with Sarah Palin on a (literal) Hail Mary pass ... and knocking the Obama Invesco extravaganza right out of the news cycle in one tabloid-like swoop.