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Entries by Michael Shermer from 11/2009

The Real Rogue Warrior: Ayn Rand, Not Sarah Palin

| Posted 11.23.2009 | Huffington Post

Despite the media frenzy surrounding Sarah Palin's autobiographical Going Rogue, the real rogue warrior making a political conservative comeback today...

The Coma Man Hoax: Rom Houben's "Communication" Is "Ideomotor" Ouija Board Effect

| Posted 11.25.2009 | Healthy Living

Sorry to be the spoiler of a feel-good story -- that of Rom Houben, the Belgian man who allegedly "woke up" from a 23-year long coma -- but the hard truth must win out over hopeful emotions.

Theism v. Atheism: I'm A Realist, Not An "Accommodationist"

| Posted 11.27.2009 | Politics

What is the right way to respond to theists and/or theism? That is the question asked at every atheism/humanism conference I've attended. The answer is simple: there is no one "right way."