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Entries by Michael Sigman from 11/2008

Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)

| Posted 11.04.2008 | Healthy Living

It's foolish (and counter-productive) to constantly pursue pleasure as an end in itself. Happiness, they say, is a by-product of satisfying work.

Prediction Fiction

| Posted 11.12.2008 | Media

This election season reached new heights in Oracular nonsense, kick-started by Dick Morris' 2005 volume "Condi vs. Hillary."

Delusion Profusion

| Posted 11.18.2008 | Politics

Years ago, I briefly dated an attractive, intelligent therapist. I thought we were two peas in a garden-variety neurotic pod until she described how she'd telephonically healed a client's tumor.

Gratitude, or Platitudes?

| Posted 11.26.2008 | Style

I often recall my conversation with a Jewish woman who worshipped an Indian guru. She was on the path to universal forgiveness and gratitude, she told me, there was one obstacle left: she was still working on forgiving Hitler.