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Entries by Michael Sigman from 06/2009

The Laughter of Wisdom

| Posted 06.04.2009 | Healthy Living

Mating Intelligence, which took no less than four masters of the obvious to write -- leads to one portentous conclusion: "a good sense of humor is an important human mate preference worldwide."

Once Is A Mistake, Twice Is Jazz

| Posted 06.09.2009 | Media

When I started working for LA Weekly in the early '80s, the paper was almost as famous for its mistakes as for its cutting edge film reviews, lefty politics and porn ads.

Whole Lotta Firing Going On

| Posted 06.17.2009 | Healthy Living

Donald Trump thought he'd made the words "You're Fired" so cool he tried to trademark them. But being the one on the other side of the desk can have its perils.

'Civilization' and its Disc Contents

| Posted 06.22.2009 | Entertainment

"Civilization" might be faulted for political incorrectness in today's terms, a playful attitude will reward the listener with plenty of smiles and maybe even a few belly laughs.

Vanity Affairs

| Posted 06.27.2009 | Politics

Mark Sanford isn't a man's man, nor is he a ladies' man. He's a very strange man, to be sure. But basically he's a selfish man.