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Entries by Michael Sigman from 07/2009

A Number for the Ages

| Posted 07.06.2009 | Healthy Living

60 is to mathematicians what a hot fudge sundae is to, well, me, and its elixir-like qualities begin with its versatility.

Control Patrol

| Posted 07.13.2009 | Media

The most risible language contortions this side of Dick Cheney's tortured definitions of "torture" surround mavericky Sarah Palin, whose regular butchering of the English language rivals that of George W. Bush.

The Reading of Wonders

| Posted 07.20.2009 | Healthy Living

My fascination with the act of reading soon turned into a thirst for the pleasure and meaning only reading can provide

'No' Hollywood Style

| Posted 07.27.2009 | Entertainment

The Hollywood No is a key element of a code that, once deconstructed, at least allows the petitioner to take things less personally.