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Entries by Michael Sigman from 04/2010

9/11, Financial Crisis, Church Sex Scandal? Imagine That!

| Posted 04.03.2010 | Politics

I'm sure there are plenty of unimaginable things in the Universe, though it's impossible to imagine what they are. But flying a plane into a building, the crash of a financial system and sex abuse by priests, we can safely say, aren't among them.

A Nuanced Look at How We Die

| Posted 04.08.2010 | Books

As medical technology continues to improve, it is more and more absurd to insist that everyone suffering the end stages of terminal diseases must be kept alive regardless of their wishes.

Mechanical Morons Unite!

| Posted 04.14.2010 | Technology

Penetrating the packaging of modern products has precipitated many an emergency-room visit.

CARS Catalyzes Cultural Community

| Posted 04.19.2010 | Los Angeles

Community Arts Resources' mission emphasizes the development of public space in Los Angeles, a concept that may seem oxymoronic to some Angelenos.

Bill Walton Shines a Light on Chronic Pain

| Posted 04.23.2010 | Healthy Living

Basketball legend Bill Walton is beloved as much for his boundless enthusiasm and quirky individualism as for his hoops heroism. But the class and perseverance he's shown through decades of severe chronic back, leg and foot pain might just top his most courageous courtside achievements.

Fornatale Spreads Gospel of Woodstock-Era Music

| Posted 04.28.2010 | Media

These days, progressive radio isn't easy to find. It's been marginalized by the corporatization of commercial radio -- Clear Channel owns over 1200 cookie-cutter stations -- and the commodification of rock rebellion.