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Entries by Michael Smerconish from 02/2007

Gays & The Golden Rule

| Posted 02.01.2007 | Politics
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In an effort to teach our children tolerance, do we need to have a specific conversation about gays and lesbians?

Blunt and Passionate, Down and Dirty

| Posted 02.11.2007 | Politics
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I question whether many of our professional politicians could earn a living on the outside - and I'd like to find out. Two terms in the Senate and six in the House should be the max.

Anna Nicole's Toxic Motherhood

| Posted 02.15.2007 | Entertainment
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It's a horrible assessment, I know, and, offered so close to her mom's death, I'm sure it's in the worst of taste. But it's true.

The Smerconish Guide to Shear Ecstasy

| Posted 02.22.2007 | Entertainment
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Dear Britney: Welcome to the club. As a charter member, I'm often asked for advice by those contemplating the switch.

Are We Still Hunting for bin Laden? Do We Care?

| Posted 02.25.2007 | Huffington Post

What happened to the days when a suburban soccer mom would have yearned to strangle bin Laden or Zawahiri with her bare hands?