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Entries by Michael Wolff from 07/2010

The GOP Won in Iraq--the Dems Lost Afghanistan

| Posted 07.01.2010 | Politics

Ohmygod, a narrative shift. Of vast and shameless proportions. We won the Iraq war. Won! We're losing in Afghanistan--or, Barack Obama is losing in...

So the Publishing Business Didn't Die, After All

| Posted 07.09.2010 | Media

While many traditional publishers still figure on the top 100 publishers list, more than half of the list consists of publishers who didn't exist 10 years ago, half again of which did not exist five years ago.

What's Really Going on Behind Murdoch's Paywall?

| Posted 07.14.2010 | Media

My sources say that not only is nobody subscribing to the website, but subscribers to the paper itself -- who have free access to the site -- are not going beyond the registration page. It's an empty world.

It's Not Just the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

| Posted 07.21.2010 | Healthy Living

Among the things that the wretched hot weather means in my neighborhood in New York -- the East Village -- is more tattoos. What's it mean, this body wallpaper?

Conrad Black Is My Hero

| Posted 07.26.2010 | Media

What happens to a man who has everything taken from him but who utterly continues to believe in himself, no matter how unreasonably? Conrad Black will be a Petri dish of the self.

Honk if You Just Can't Get Enough of Chelsea and Marc

| Posted 07.29.2010 | Politics

Presidential children's weddings are, in modern history, terrifically ho-hum affairs. So what's with the tizzy over Chelsea? This isn't even an in-office wedding and it's a news blowout.

Charlie Rangel Never Had a Chance

| Posted 07.30.2010 | Politics

Charlie Rangel, one of the most successful political figures of his generation in New York, is now, in the Washington Post's estimation, a "pariah."