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Entries by Mike Konczal from 01/2010

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: A User's Guide

| Posted 01.12.2010 | Business

Phil Angelides of the FCIC has secured the ability to grant whistleblower status to witnesses, a move that may get some surprise testimony.

FCIC: First Panel Report

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Business

You'll be happy to note that all four bank CEOs understand that Too Big To Fail shouldn't exist, and that they've spent a lot of time re-examining their compensation packages.

Notes on the FCIC Hearings

| Posted 01.15.2010 | Business

So what did we learn from the FCIC hearings? Over the course of two days we learned that the largest bank CEOs don't feel a conflict between their underwriting and their trading process.

Towards a 21st Century Glass-Steagall

| Posted 01.21.2010 | Business

Regulating exchanges, and special bankruptcy proceeding for financial firms: we've done this before in the New Deal, we just never upgraded it for a new century.