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Entries by Mike Lux from 04/2011

Babies and Glenn Beck

| Posted 04.01.2011 | Media

Political battles are made easier when at least some of your opponents are clueless, careless, and, well, frankly creepy. So this morning my thanks go out to Glenn Beck.

The Cal Coolidge/Paul Ryan Budget

| Posted 04.06.2011 | Politics

One of the nice things about Republicans when they get into positions of power is that they do our side favors by clarifying very quickly how extreme their ideas are.

Pulling the Plug on Working Families to Give Tax Cuts to Millionaires

| Posted 04.08.2011 | Politics

Paul Ryan's tax breaks total more than $4.1 trillion. What does that mean for you? 90 percent of Americans will see their taxes go up under the Ryan budget.

Medicare and Medicaid: Obama vs. Ryan

| Posted 04.11.2011 | Politics

In his speech on Wednesday, the president needs to do what he is not always comfortable doing. Pick a fight.

It's All One Story

| Posted 04.14.2011 | Politics

This is the story of a relentless assault on the working middle class and those desperately trying to gain a foothold on the ladder up to it.

The Most Valuable of All

| Posted 04.15.2011 | Sports

The basketball season is winding down. March Madness is over, and the NBA playoffs are almost here. This year, the NBA playoff season will involve e...


| Posted 04.18.2011 | Politics

Congressional Republicans and the big banks are classic bullies, used to getting their way on all issues all of the time. When you stand up to them and ask for something as foreign to them as fairness and decency, they lose it and lash out in return.

That Old 'Which Side Are You On?' Thing

| Posted 04.20.2011 | Politics

Because Republicans want to destroy -- just utterly destroy -- unions, Medicare and Medicaid, the progressive movement and vast majority of the Democratic Party are on the same side. And it is a great feeling.

The Base and the Swing, Part 7132

| Posted 04.23.2011 | Politics

If the goal is to have a message and platform that appeal to both base and swing voters, you can do no better than populist economics. And here's the other key thing: it is hard to unite them any other way.