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Entries by Mitchell Bard from 09/2008

The Palin Stuff Is Fun, but Obama Gets the Real Story: It's the 90 Percent, Stupid

| Posted 09.04.2008 | Politics

We've all had our fun at Palin's expense. But it's time to join Obama and laser in on demonstrating how a McCain-Palin administration would continue the failed policies of George W. Bush's presidency.

McCain's Claims of "Change" in His Acceptance Speech Are New Standard for Chutzpah

| Posted 09.05.2008 | Politics

"And let me offer an advance warning to the old, big spending, do nothing, me first, country second Washington crowd: change is coming." "And when we...

Close Presidential Race? Don't Blame the Media, Blame the Voters

| Posted 09.09.2008 | Politics

Voters have (or could have) all the information they need to make a choice this year. They're just making a choice that those on the left would consider a bad one.

Why McCain's "Fundamentals of the Economy Are Strong" Remark Was in Line with His Strategy

| Posted 09.16.2008 | Politics

McCain is telling U.S. citizens that things are fine, we can drill for our own oil, and we really don't have to make any major changes to our way of doing things. Oh, and we're going to win in Iraq, too!

It's Time for the "Deregulators" Like McCain to Step Aside and Shut Up

| Posted 09.22.2008 | Politics

How can a guy like John Boehner, who got us into this mess in the first place, have the unmitigated nerve to try and dictate the terms of how to fix things?

It's the Democracy, Stupid: Campaigns of McCain and Palin Show How They Would Govern

| Posted 09.25.2008 | Politics

The disconnect between McCain's words and his actions, all in an effort to distort his record, is the central approach to his campaign. And it smells a lot like the last eight years of Bush.

A Bailout May Help the Economy, But Does that Mean It's the Right Thing to Do?

| Posted 09.29.2008 | Politics

While we know that the immediate good could be served by the government putting up $700 billion to undo the damage done by Wall Street greed, is such an action really in our long-term national interests?