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Entries by Mona Ackerman from 10/2007

Dr. Mona Knows: How To Maintain Your Independence In Marriage...Cope With An Empty Nest

| Posted 10.04.2007 | Healthy Living

Why shouldn't we all be striving to find a relationship where we can feel so secure and trusting that to be able to be dependent is in fact relaxing.

Dr. Mona Knows: How To Open Up About Sex...And How To Stop Dieting Once And For All

| Posted 10.11.2007 | Healthy Living

Along with the structure of dieting, it may be valuable to determine and understand the historical patterns of chaos and/or pain in your life.

Dr. Mona Knows...How To Talk To Kids About Sex And Handle Blasts From The Past

| Posted 10.18.2007 | Healthy Living

In fact, deep down what you really want to do is what you are clearly not doing: disciplining and restraining your child.

Dr. Mona Knows How To Handle The Taboos Of Parenthood

| Posted 10.25.2007 | Healthy Living

The rules in your household are set by you and reflect the kind of home you want to establish and the kind of values you want your children to grow up with.

Dr. Mona Knows: Unrequited Love

| Posted 10.31.2007 | Healthy Living

Having a relationship with you is what she treasured, hoped for, and ultimately realized.