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Entries by Morra Aarons-Mele from 04/2008

Pass It On: 75% of Pro-Choice Voters Need to Know the Truth -- John McCain Does Not Support a Woman's Right to Choose

| Posted 04.03.2008 | Politics

McCain's record is really, really anti-choice. Not only anti-choice, but anti-sex ed, anti-emergency contraception, and anti-women.

The Real Feminist Thing To Do is Acknowledge Hillary's Failures as a Candidate and Move On

| Posted 04.15.2008 | Politics

If feminists want Clinton to be seen as anything other than a token we need to recognize her merits, analyze her campaign's faults, and move on, as if a woman losing were the most normal thing in the world.

Paging Meghan McCain: Tell Daddy Not to Be So Neanderthal

| Posted 04.24.2008 | Politics

McCain opposes a Senate bill mandating equal pay for women in this country. His rationale? It will pave the way for too many lawsuits.