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Entries by Morris W. O'Kelly from 02/2010

Avatar 'Agenda' Complaints Are Comical

| Posted 02.02.2010 | Entertainment

Despite any arguments as to whether art imitates life or vice versa in Hollywood, some things are indisputable. During war time, more war movies or nationalism-themed movies are produced.

John Mayer's Supposed 'N****' Pass Has Been Revoked

| Posted 02.11.2010 | Entertainment

If John Mayer was "so comfortable" to drop the N-bomb during an interview, we can only imagine his private oratory with friends and family.

Post-Racial Hollywood? One Huge 'Cop Out'

| Posted 02.19.2010 | Entertainment

Hollywood will not have put down its racial baggage until it permanently moves away from flaunting the "racial" formulas and themes which garner the biggest bang for their buck.