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Entries by Morty Lefkoe from 03/2010

Why Is The World Suffering From an Epidemic of Low Self-Esteem?

| Posted 03.03.2010 | Healthy Living

Almost all of our self-esteem beliefs are formed in the first six years of life as the result of interactions we have with our primary caretakers, almost always our parents.

Would You Like To Stop Worrying About What Others Think?

| Posted 03.09.2010 | Healthy Living

There is one specific belief that anyone with this problem almost certainly has: "What makes me good enough is having people think well of me."

Loving Our Children Is Not Enough

| Posted 03.19.2010 | Healthy Living

What parents do and don't do, say and don't say, provide their children with the experiences that their children interpret into beliefs. Those beliefs affect their lives for better or for worse.

Everyone Knows Change Is Difficult ... Are You Sure?

| Posted 03.24.2010 | Healthy Living

Do you think people resist change? ... Most people answer with an emphatic, "Yes." I don't think people resist change at all.

How the Mind Determines Athletic Success, Part 1

| Posted 03.31.2010 | Healthy Living

The reason your game isn't consistent and you don't play up to your potential most of the time is strictly mental--specifically, your beliefs, attitudes, and feelings--all of which are within your power to change.