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Entries by Murray Fromson from 04/2009

News From the Muddled East

| Posted 04.03.2009 | World

Resolution of the Golan Heights problem could lead to a settlement of other thorny issues that are part of the Middle East process.

Obama, Turkey and History

| Posted 04.07.2009 | World

From the podium of the National Assembly in Ankara, Obama spoke not only to Turks, but to the entire Muslim world and he carved out an image of a global statesman.

Take a Hike, Professor Summers!

| Posted 04.14.2009 | Politics

What is incomprehensible is that Summers may be an economic genius, but he seems to have the sensitivity of a 300 lb. gorilla.


| Posted 04.22.2009 | Media

If you wonder what you'll be missing when newspapers vanish, consider these two stories that deal with the infuriating decisions rendered by the bureaucrats in the service of the United States.