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Entries by Nancy Ruhling from 12/2010

Astoria Characters: The City-Slicker Chicken Farmers

| Posted 12.08.2010 | New York

Deciding to raise chickens in an apartment that's smaller than a chicken coop isn't something Jules Corkery and Robert McMinn are doing on a whim.

Astoria Characters: The Little Guy Who Made It Big

| Posted 12.14.2010 | New York

Agatino "Tony" Manganaro, who came to New York from Sicily with a pregnant wife and only $25 in his pocket, didn't get where he is by resting. He worked -- his brawn and his brains.

Astoria Characters: The Belly-Dancing Psychologist

| Posted 12.21.2010 | New York

When Irina Kom parts the exotic pink and gold silk curtain to reveal her living room-cum-bedroom-cum-dance studio, the incense refreshes the senses like a walk in a spring shower.

Astoria Characters: The Two-Time Immigrant

| Posted 12.28.2010 | New York

Garo Apanian opens his candy-apple-red laptop. "Let me show you the apartment where I was born," he says. "It's a beautiful building." The image that appears is of Beirut.