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Entries by Nancy Snow from 09/2009


| Posted 09.03.2009 | Politics

Brand Obama remains the most powerful brand in the world. But the omnipresident faces a citizenry that is finding its voice separate and equal from his own. And that gives us energy.

Joe Wilson, You're No Joe Nye

| Posted 09.11.2009 | Politics

I promise you this: If I see Joe Wilson this Thanksgiving, I'll make sure not to shout out or finger point as I reach for the pecan pie.

Serena Williams Loses It

| Posted 09.13.2009 | Entertainment

Composure. Joe Wilson lost it Wednesday night. And now Defending U.S. Open Champion Serena Williams lost it Saturday night en route to her highly favored fourth U.S. Open Championship.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Live From Capitol Hill

| Posted 09.19.2009 | Politics

Many Americans are talking back to government, some more viciously than the majority, but Pelosi's broad brush seems to paint all Obama administration critics as potential violent offenders and inciters.

William Safire's Passing and the Decline of American Journalism

| Posted 09.28.2009 | Media

Is the death of an esteemed giant in American journalism less newsworthy than a second-tier celebrity wedding?