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Entries by Natasha Dern from 12/2009

Love: Destiny Has Two Faces

| Posted 12.01.2009 | Healthy Living

Why do we hand love over so easily to someone who may or may not deserve it? Why do we invest our love in people who do not value it? Is money more precious than love?

Change: How Willing Are You?

| Posted 12.14.2009 | Healthy Living

Why does it take loss for people to make a change? Why does it take tragedy to wake us up? Why does it take public humiliation to do so? Why don't we change willingly?

Forgiveness: What's Your Capacity?

| Posted 12.21.2009 | Healthy Living

Many are called to forgive but few heed the call. Many choose to remain in prisons of their own making and move through life without an ounce of joy or peace. It is a hellish place to live.

Developing A 'We' Consciousness In 2010

| Posted 12.30.2009 | Healthy Living

Enough of the 'Me' mentality! This has been the cause of so many societal ills and misfortunes. Let' make sure in this coming decade the 'We' consciousness guides the human story.