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Entries by Michelle Pilecki from 06/2006

Does Anybody Care About Ann Coulter's Alleged 'Crime'?

| Posted 06.02.2006 | Media
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Not one of the many news outlets that carry Coulter's column has reported a word, so it's likely that most of her readers know nothing about the felony allegations.

War Prep Started on the Ground in April 2002?

| Posted 06.05.2006 | Media
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Long before the Downing Street memos were penned, the US was doing "battlefield preparation" in Iraq.

Press Finally Discovers Coulter 'Voter Fraud' Story

| Posted 06.08.2006 | Media
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It's taken five months, but the traditional media are reporting on the dispute that Palm Beach County has had with Ann Coulter's vote since February. ...

Ann Coulter's Pattern of Deceit Also Bothers Conservatives

| Posted 06.10.2006 | Media
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The "crime" is minor, and if Coulter had responded with a "whoops, sorry" instead of calling election officials syphilitic, I would be among those happy to skip this bit of nonsense.

Afghans Consider Rearming Warlords

| Posted 06.12.2006 | Media
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Afghanistan is a mess, though the worsening situation hasn't made the top of the news lately -- at least not in this country.

'Globe' Unearths Suppressed Report on Afghan Leaders' Past Misdeeds

| Posted 06.16.2006 | Media
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The issue at this point, correspondent Declan Walsh writes, is of "accountability for past crimes."

Latest Verbal Bombshells Didn't Cost Coulter Any Media Clients

| Posted 06.18.2006 | Media
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Suggesting the murder of the first Vietnam veteran elected to Congress and slamming 9/11 victims apparently hasn't scared away any of the 100-plus editors who run her syndicated column.

Media Shrug Off Report of Billions Wasted in Federal Contracts

| Posted 06.22.2006 | Media
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Anybody think it's news that, under the Bush administration, both the number of federal employees and the amount of money spent on private contracts have increased?

Info About 'Secret' Bank Data Program Has Been on Internet Since 2002

| Posted 06.28.2006 | Media
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President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and White House spokesman Tony Snow may be in a tither about the New York Times story on the US monitoring ...

Danger to Canadian Troops Unimportant to US Media

| Posted 06.30.2006 | Media
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Where the "War on Terror" meets the "War on Drugs" is Afghanistan, and neither is doing very well, while becoming particularly hazardous for Canadians in Operation Enduring Freedom.