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Entries by Nikolas Kozloff from 10/2010

What Is the Brazilian Brand?

| Posted 10.12.2010 | World

I arrived at Brazil's PR firm's fancy upstairs offices where a company rep provided me with a glossy green booklet showcasing Brazil's many economic accomplishments.

Hugo Chávez: The Reign of Error Continues

| Posted 10.16.2010 | World

Venezuela has allied itself to such throwbacks as Russia, China, and even Iran. These alliances have made a muddle out of Chávez's politics and led the leader into taking morally objectionable stands.

Part II: What Is the Brazilian Brand?

| Posted 10.18.2010 | World

The Tea Party shares vast philosophical disagreements with the Obama administration, while Brazil's major politicians seem far more utilitarian and focus on nuts and bolts problems during the debates.

Part III: What Is the Brazilian Brand?

| Posted 10.21.2010 | World

Brazil faces incredible odds as it seeks to join the more affluent developed nations. Rousseff will promote greater infrastructure sorely needed given the lack of basic sanitation many areas of the country.

Part IV: What Is the Brazilian Brand?

| Posted 10.26.2010 | World

What role might Brazil seek on the world stage? Brazilian politicians have traditionally not emphasized foreign policy, but as I watched the presidential debate in Rio, I was still struck by its utter lack of discussion.

Part V: What Is the Brazilian Brand?

| Posted 10.28.2010 | World

Though Dilma Rousseff's eventual victory will cheer Brazil's social movements, may have negative consequences for the environment.