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Entries by Norman Lear from 05/2009

To Arkansas State Senator Kim Hendren's Grandchilden

| Posted 05.17.2009 | Politics

I grew up with a dad not that unlike your granddad and never stopped loving him. But that didn't keep me from wanting to throw up when the thick-headed mean clown in him appeared.

Watch Out -- It's Going Around

| Posted 05.21.2009 | Politics

I worry that my party could be coming down with a kind of political swine flu. It's new to our politicos but known to be lethal, resembles what we've experienced, yet we are totally unprepared for it.

Who Needs Republicans With Democrats Like This

| Posted 05.25.2009 | Politics

Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, might vote to join a Republican filibuster if President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court is an activist judge.

An American Heartbreak

| Posted 05.29.2009 | Business

What's going on with our car companies breaks the heart of this member of the Greatest Generation. The American motor car played such a significant part in our "American Dream."