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Entries by Norman Lear from 10/2009

Conservatives and Off-Base Lefties: Can You Top This?

| Posted 10.11.2009 | Politics

Obama stunned the world by reaching out to Islam -- not from Washington, not by way of TV or the Internet -- no, he traveled to Egypt and spoke to Islam as he would speak to us. And who topped that this year?

Why I Have Some Empathy for Balloon Boy's Dad

| Posted 10.21.2009 | Media

Did any of the networks wonder, while scraping the bottom of the news barrel, if creating a climate that mistakes entertainment for news seduced the Heenes into believing they're entitled to their 15 minutes?

Backpfeifengesicht = Lieberman

| Posted 10.28.2009 | Politics

Google the meaning of backpfeifengesicht and see if it doesn't evoke Joe Lieberman! What is it about that face?