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Entries by Oliver Willis from 06/2007

Take Back America Day One: One America Has Tote Bags

| Posted 06.18.2007 | Politics
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Wunderkind pollster Stan Greenberg treated us to a bunch of slides telling us how awesome progressives are, how well the Democrats did, though he did end on a slide explaining just how much disdain Americans have for both parties.

Take Back America Day Two: The Wooing

| Posted 06.20.2007 | Politics
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Attendees want the candidates to suck up to them, to seduce them into the voting booth by whispering sweet nothings about universal health care, ending global warming, and ending the war.

Take Back America Day Three: Fin

| Posted 06.21.2007 | Politics
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Quite a few bloggers on "Blogger Boulevard" flatly turned down video interviews with The Politico, mostly in response to their propensity to flog Republican memes and talking points.

Mitt Romney's Big Empty Room

| Posted 06.28.2007 | Politics
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romneyfenwayfp.jpg If you're going to hold a big free event at a sports venue, I don't think you communicate momentum by having an empty stadium.